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Our Services


Please contact us to discuss if treatment by a Neurological Physiotherapist may be of benefit to you.

Physiotherapy Assessment

Assessment takes about two hours. This is a comprehensive review of your current situation, mobility and functional status, as a result of your neurological condition. Once completed your physiotherapist will discuss a plan for treatment, if required and how to reach you goals.

Physiotherapy Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment sessions last an hour or an hour and a half, to suit you. Physiotherapy techniques are used to help you fulfil your goals and advance your physical abilities, in a safe environment.

Physiotherapy to assist you

The Physiotherapist from the Neuro Physiotherapy Practice is experienced in:

  • Working together with your team for a fresh approach.
  • Accompanying you to specialist assessments - wheelchair clinics, prosthetic and orthotic consultations, provision of equipment, splints and devices.
  • Working as part of your multidisciplinary specialist network to ensure your home environment provides the best solutions for your independence and quality of life.
  • Keeping you mobile in environments outside your home.
  • Communicating with your home team, medical clinicians, work place and schools.